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Glenn W. Jones—Principal and Chairman of the Board

Glenn Jones co-founded Shelterbelt Builders in 1978 and completed over 600 commercial and residential building and landscaping projects during the subsequent 15 years.  Following the re-building efforts of the Oakland Fire of 1994, he led the redirection of Shelterbelt to become the first Bay Area construction company focusing entirely on implementing habitat restoration and wildland vegetation management projects.  With over 30 years of construction business experience, Glenn now acts as Shelterbelt’s chief business advisor.  Glenn still pursues his interest in construction management and building with his company, On Time On Budget Inc, based in La Honda and San Francisco, California.  Glenn is a California licensed general building and landscaping contractor.

Glenn can be contacted at: Glenn at

Mark A. Heath—Principal, Restoration Biologist, Pest Control Advisor

Mark has a degree in biology from UC Santa Cruz and has worked over 17 years as a biologist and environmental educator for State and Federal resource management agencies and private biological consulting firms.  His past work has focused on wildlife and fisheries science until he discovered invasive weeds at Shelterbelt several years ago.  He is now considered an expert in invasive plant control and works collaboratively with wide variety of organizations such as Weed Management Areas, California Native Plant Society, and the California Invasive Plant Council to develop new and better methods to identify, respond to and manage invasive plants.  Mark is a licensed Agricultural Pest Control Advisor and holds a Qualified Applicators License in 6 pest control categories.  As President of Shelterbelt, Mark prepares restoration plans, designs and manages projects, and still finds time to work in the field from time to time.

Mark can be contacted at: Mark at

Rolland Mathers—Principal, Field Operations Specialist, Certified Arborist

A New York State native, Rolland earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from State University New York at Brockport in 2000.  After graduation he was off to California to work with the National Park Service in the GGNRA as a volunteer in the native plant nursery and Site Stewardship programs, where he dedicated 14 months to learning about practical habitat restoration.  Rolland joined Shelterbelt in 2001, taking a crew level position on cape ivy removal work within the GGNRA.  First assignment: hike into a coastal scrub canyon and cut massive amounts of cape ivy-infested coastal scrub entangled with poison oak, tarp it, and pile it.  There began Rolland’s assault on weeds plaguing our landscapes and wildlands.  As Vice President of Shelterbelt, Rolland now designs and manages restoration and vegetation management projects in the East Bay and supervises and coordinates all field operations in California.   Rolland is an ISA Certified Arborist and holds a Qualified Pesticide Applicators Certificate in the Landscape Maintenance and Aquatic pest control categories. 

Rolland can be contacted at: Rolland at

Noah D. Booker—Principal and Co-Founder

Noah D. Booker joined Shelterbelt in 1997 to help refocus Shelterbelt on native plant restoration and open land management.  He holds a B.A., Honors, in History from UC Santa Cruz, a certificate in Landscape Horticulture (AA equivalent) from Merritt College, has been an ISA Certified Arborist since 1998, and is a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (WA Dept. of Ecology).  From 1997 to 2002, Noah managed all East Bay habitat restoration projects and supervised all landscape horticulture projects company-wide. He is obsessed with native plants and noxious weeds…do not approach him when he starts to babble about plants.  In 2002 he fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to his family’s ancestral home of Bellingham, WA, where he now lives with his wife, Anna, son Julian, and daughter Flora Joyce.  Currently Noah serves on Shelterbelt Builders' Board of Directors and manages Shelterbelt, LLC, a separate native plant landscape contracting company in western Washington.  

Noah can be contacted at: Noah at

William J. McClung—Co-Founder

Bill McClung joined Shelterbelt in 1997 to help refocus Shelterbelt on native plant restoration and open land management/fire safety.  After his house burnt down in the 1991 Oakland Fire, this former book publisher became interested in how wildland and fire are managed in the East Bay Hills.  He became a member of the Berkeley Fire Commission in 1994 and has a strong interest in the vegetation prescriptions of the Fire Hazard Program & Fuel Reduction Management Plan for the East Bay Hills issued in 1995 by the East Bay Hills Vegetation Management Consortium and the East Bay Regional Park District Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan Environmental Impact Report of 2009/10.  Before retiring from Shelterbelt, he managed many properties in the East Bay where wildfire safety and native habitat preservation were twin goals, and continues to participate in restoration and wildland fuel management in the Oakland Hills.

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